Shruder MK2

T​he Shruder MkII is a mobile, dual purpose, industrial shredder and extruder, designed to recycle single-used thermoplastic items. Purposely engineered to be easily transportable with  lockable  wheels, the machine fits into a standard 6×4 trailer or small truck, allowing  people to take the solution to the problem area.

The Shruder runs off single-phase main power (220VAC/240VAC) or a small 2kW generator. A  solar  power  options  is  also  available.  The  Shruder  includes  a  proven  1.1kW  3-phase  motor which is connected to a Variable Speed Drive and single phase to 3-phase converter. Designed with remote locations in mind the Shruder uses industry standard “off the shelf” components  to  ensure  simplicity  of  maintenance,  long  life,  reliability and durability. The system  is  plug  and  play  with  all  electrical  connectors  being  uniquely  keyed  for fail safe  connectivity.  The Shruder is engineered with both performance and safety in mind.


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The Shruder is capable of shredding 5-8 kg of plastic/hour (approx.1.4 tonne/ month) and extruding up to 120 m / hr (or 20km /month). The Shruder can process raw shredded plastic material, used in  building,  household  recycled  items  and  even  houses,  as  well  as  extrusion  cord  or  filament, potentially 3D printer filament plus other cords.