Audible Public Warning Systems

Emergency & Public Warning Equipment for man-made or natural events that require mass notification

The most effective way to warn the public is to issue a tone followed by a clear and powerful voice message. This three step approach, ALERT, INFORM and DIRECT will eliminate confusion, restore order and, most importantly, save lives.



  • Indiscriminate warning – you do not need a cell phone to be warned.
  • Everyone within a specified area will be warned
  • Wireless activation
  • Battery & Solar operated units available
  • Clear and effective public address broadcasting
  • Voice messages can be customized for language and duration appropriate to YOUR community, with YOUR instructions
  • Clear and concise.- ALERT with a tone, INFORM and DIRECT with digitized custom voice messages.
  • Voice capability eliminates confusion for visitors to an area before, during and after an event
  • Complete control over individual remote sites.

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