The AWLR-131-BS is a purpose built automatic water level recording system which combines the worlds best data logging equipment, water level sensory equipment and state of the art supporting hardware and software


  • Built for harsh environments with the toughest Stainless Steel enclosure for long life. Design protects against harsh weather with sloping roof to protect from heavy rain and reflects heat away to keep instrumentation cool. Is fully sealed, has ventillations for airflow and mesh for protection against insects.
  • Security doors have access monitoring switch and onscreen display to reduce access and maintain inner conditions
  • Because of the high quality fit for purpose compoents used in the AWLR means installation is quick, operation is user friendly, and will provide years of reliable trouble free service.
  • The system requires minimal onsite maintenance with the ability to install remote camera access for more regular monitoring
  • The system allows for integration with either cloud based or Inhouse SCADA systems, using GSM, Radio Telemetry, Satellite,or cable.
  • All solutions are configurable according to individual requirements
  • Highly accurate and reliable results are guaranteed



  • Dam Water Level Monitoring
  • V Notch Water Level and Seepage Monitoring
  • River level monitoring

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