The AL-131-AC-S-BS is an electronic scientific measurement system for water level monitoring based on Campbell Scientific products.


  • IP65 316 SS enclosure complete with 30 degrees sloping roof for outdoor deployment
  • External Campbell Scientific Dataview for real time viewing of water level Campbell Scientific
  • CR800 data logger and program to suit the location
  • Solar regulator and 20W solar panel and bracket HYQUEST Air Bubble System including pressure sensor to 30m range
  • 4G Packet Data Modem, Ethernet connection Electrical main switch, fuses and terminals earth cable and fittings
  • Telemetry options include: Satellite, Radio, RS485 cable. Fibre Optic cable.

The AL-131-AC-S-BS is manufactured by EMALTE Australia in partnership with PT Gistec Prima Corporation. It is engineered to suit Indonesian conditions.

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