Far North Queensland FWIN Project

The Far North Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (FWIN) enhancement and upgrade project has been the largest of such projects ever to be initiated in QLD. Funded by the Federal and QLD State Government, the project commenced mid 2021 and was completed in 2022. EMALTE was engaged by Qteq, (a QLD disaster management company), to direct, consult and manage this substantial project. Our mission was to oversee the site selection and analysis, installation, testing and commissioning of rain gauges, river water level gauges and flood warning signs and cameras.

In total, 180 new flood warning assets were installed in 15 months – a considerable effort by the expert team of electrical, civil engineers and field technicians and contractors who remained dedicated and determined throughout the mission. Notably, the enormous project was completed in full, on time and within budget.

Vital diagnostic data captured by the systems is now continually monitored by the Bureau of Meteorology and local Councils so that early warning and mass notification can be triggered if necessary. It is reassuring to know that the new FWIN infrastructure is helping to keep our townships and remote communities safe through early warning flood systems and flood monitoring infrastructures.

The 4 Main Structures of the Project:

The maps below outline the extensive area of the FWIN project in Far North QLD

Reference: Flood warning infrastructure | Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Queensland Reconstruction Authority video outlining the Flood Warning infrastructure and systems.

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Far North Queensland FWIN Project

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