Our assembled Team of Experts are responsible for the design and delivery of some of the World's most innovative water related Early Warning Monitoring and Management Systems.

Mark Wolf - CEO & Principal Consultant

Mark has more than 35 years expertise and experience in the design, integration and delivery of water related real time systems. Mark commenced his career with New South Wales Public Works, Sydney, Australia in 1979 prior to commencing Greenspan Technical Services in 1995 and now Emalte.

Mark is a highly experienced: project manager, contract administrator and team builder. Mark's career highlight being the design and delivery of the Flood Detection System for the Kuala Lumpur SMART Tunnel. Throughout his career Mark has been awarded and commended for his excellence in technical innovation and for delivering world leading solutions that address water related challenges .


John has more than 25 years expertise and experience in the design of integrated instrumentation, telemetry and communications systems. John commenced his career with Sydney Water Board , then Hastings Council before commencing Mid Coast Telemetry .

John has worked on major projects with Mark, Peter and Chris including flood forecasting and warning systems in: Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia (SMART FDS) and Australia. John's specialist expertise is in the design of integrated measurement and control systems for water related applications including telemetry, communications and Human Machine Interfaces.

Peter Johnston - Senior Engineer

Peter is now a Specialist Consultant with an wealth of knowledge in his respective fields. Peter worked with Mark Wolf on a number of major projects including the design of the communications and SCADA software systems for Hydro Power Inflow and Forecasting Systems in Indonesia and the Philippines, the SMART Tunnel Flood Detection Systems and other systems in Australia.

Peter also has extensive expertise with the design of instrument systems for coastal water quality and ocean climate buoys.

Deborah Lee Smith - Technical Specialist

Deborah is a highly skilled contractor in the organisational development space with a strong focus on project concept, design and delivery. She has contracted for State, Federal and local government as well as large corporate enterprises. Deborah developed her technical writing skills in the Engineering, Defence and Rail industries where accuracy and compliance to standards are critical. Notable projects have included: the implementation of a Learning Pathways Initiative for NSW Rail technical departments; writing and delivering Diploma of Government courses for the Department of Defence.

Now working with EMALTE, Deborah reviews and writes highly-specialised technical documents and when not in the office, enjoys the challenges of working in remote areas assessing performance and operational status of equipment.


We operate locally and globally and apply the same principles and attention to every project regardless of size or complexity. Our difference is our unparalled resource of individual and collective expertise and a flexibility approach which will guarantee your requirements are met with the best possible solution.


We deliver fully functioning, tested assets that are built using world best technology, designed using our proven expertise and experience and are guaranteed to give many years of trouble-free operations if maintained in accordance with the provided operation and maintenance procedures.

Install & Support - Products

If our involvement in your project only involves the provision and installation of products and equipment this is a solution we are fully equipped to provide. You can rely on our engineering team to guide you in selecting and ordering appropriate equipment and can provide documentation and training to assist with installation and setup.​


If you are a more experienced installer looking to acquire the products only, you can simply contact Mark Wolf directly for a quote and delivery schedule, and leave the logistics to us.​



We are privileged to be able to work with, and when appropriate, team with companies with a shared passion for technical excellence and quality. These companies being the suppliers of hardware, software and expert services required to enable us to provide a complete integrated system or solution.

We are a Master Distributor for Whelen Engineering Mass Notification products (USA) , an authorised distributor for Whelen Automotive First Responder Vehicle Lights and Sirens (USA), IRDAM Atmospheric Monitoring Instrumentation and other strategic partners.