Base Titanium – Dam Break Warning System

Kenya Project

Recognising the need for an effective dam break emergency warning system, Base Titanium, based in Kenya contacted EMALTE. The titanium mine is located in Kwale County – south of Nairobi. The mine includes a processing plant and tailings dam. Situated downstream of the tailings dam are a number of villages, so Base Titanium understood the importance of sourcing robust and reliable siren warning systems.

Following several productive discussions with Base Titanium, Mark Wolf (CEO) and Peter Johnston (Senior Engineer) designed a system comprising 3 Whelen WPS4000 series sirens complete with EMALTE’s direct connect DCW-310 system, a Sierra Wireless RV55 modem and all the other necessary components to suit the client’s directive. In keeping with EMALTE’S strict adherence to Australian and International standards and regulations, the system was integrated and tested in Australia before being shipped to the Kenyan site.

Unfortunately, the EMALTE team couldn’t assist with the installation due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions however, Base Titanium’s expert mining engineers and technicians successfully installed the equipment using EMALTE’S installation manual as a guide. The siren systems were then ready for EMALTE to test and commission. 

Post Covid restrictions, EMALTE’s senior engineer, Peter Johnston flew over to Kenya in April this year (2023) to execute the test and commissioning. The system testing confirmed that the design based on 2 x Whelen WPS4004 and 1 x Whelen WPS4003 rotating siren systems (complete with siren tones and pre-recorded voice announcements) were validated with full sound coverage achieved in the target area.

Currently the sirens are triggered by secure SMS, however, EMALTE will begin the next phase of the project this year (2023) which will see radio communications added enabling the system to operate via SMS, Cloud SCADA and EMALTE’s in-house version of FERNHILL SCADA.

The blue line encompasses the possible area of inundation and the red circles the siren-sounding radii (@70dBC). The yellow pins are the location of the sirens. The sirens are WPS4000 series (rotating sirens with voice messaging)

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Base Titanium – Dam Break Warning System

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