The Gecko SMA

SMA Strong Motion Accelerograph

The low cost Gecko SMA uses MEMS technology accelerometers that are designed to detect large levels of ground motion that may cause structural damage. A magnitude 2.0 earthquake at 100km range might not be visible on a MEMS accelerometer, but with full scale ranges ±2g, ±5g and higher available you are certain to detect larger or nearby events.


  • For structural monitoring of your dam, power station building, or any asset at risk of earthquake damage .
  • You can install multiple Seismic Monitoring Alarms to record synchronised response of status of structure



  • Use the Seismic Alarm to record events and trigger its own control system
  • Set trigger level as a percentage of full scale, or to a ratio of change in average signal level


  • 24-bit ADC
  • up to 2kHz sampling
  • Internal triaxial ±2g accelerometer
  • Locked to absolute time using GPS
  • USB data storage
  • Continuous recording
  • Absolute Level triggered recording
  • Average Signal Level triggering
  • Ethernet for remote web login
  • Optional LCD panel & keypad
  • Optional internal battery
  • Optional alarm outputs
  • Bolts to wall or floor
  • Includes mounting plate & toolkit

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