ION™ Series

ION™ Series

Compact and versatile, ION Series lightheads are designed to be utilized in a multitude of applications with numerous mounting options. Models available in SOLO™, DUO™, and TRIO™ with universal and surface mount options.

ION V-Series™

Utilizing multiple planes of light in one lighthead, the ION V-Series is available in a three-in-one combination or single color warning models.

  • Available in Amber, Blue, Red, and/or White
  • Hard-coated lenses
  • Synchronize to other Whelen sync products
  • Available in universal or surface mount
    • Universal mount models include combination permanent/ pedestal, clip, edge mounts, and double-sided tape, with a Black or White housing
    • Universal mount options include bail/swivel bracket in Black or White, rubber grommet, and pedestal mount in Black or White
    • Surface mount models include flange, available in Black, White, or Chrome
  • Available with Class 1 Certified Smoked lenses


  • Standard or wide-angle TIR optics
  • Single or split color models
  • Supplied with 10” 4-wire pigtail


  • Linear-LED optics
  • Independent control of color one and color two
  • Supplied with a 10” 5-wire pigtail


  • Linear-LED optics
  • Choose from any combination of color one, color two, and/or color three. Color three features steady-burn override
  • Supplied with a 10” 6-wire pigtail


  • Combination models have 180° wide-angle warning, illumination, and puddle light
  • Single color models have combination 180° and TIR directional warning
  • Warning segment available in Red, Amber, Blue, or White
  • 10” 6-wire pigtail with sync wire allows up to eight lightheads to be synchronized together for the warning segment of the lighthead

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