Dam Structure Monitoring Equipment – Full Suite

With water levels and rainfall being monitored upstream we now provide Dam Operators with real-time data related to reservoir water level meteorological parameters and dam structure measurements, including pore water pressure, water seepage and strong motion.


​Equipment Involved​

  1. Emalte Meteorological Station  (EMMET-100) – Includes ARR, but also measures other meteorological data
  2. ​Automatic Water Level Recorder (AL-131 Series) – Measures water levels in streams and rivers upstream (Options: AL-131-BS | AL-131-RS | . AL-131-FS)
  3. Dam Structure Instrumentation
    • V-Notch Seepage Weirs
    • Strong Motion recorder (tri-axial type with GPS)
    • Vibrating Wire Piezometer – Pore Water Pressure Recording

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