Automatic Water Level Recording Float System


The AL-131-FS is a simple method of measuring water level is a stilling well equipped with a float and shaft encoder. The components of this type of gauge include.

  • A stilling well,
  • Inlet pipes from the water,
  • Float tape,
  • Wheel and shaft encoder which electronically sends signals to the data collection platform (pictured above)


  • Built for harsh environments with the toughest Stainless Steel enclosure for long life. Design protects against harsh weather with sloping roof to protect from heavy rain and reflects heat away to keep instrumentation cool. Is fully sealed, has louvered vents for airflow and mesh for protection against insects.
  • The enclosure door is fitted with a security switch and a waterproof LCD scrolling display enabling real time data to be viewed without the need to access the data logger.
  • The Shaft Encoder is equipped with its own LCD and push buttons for configuration and setting the water level
  • The float system is suited for retrofit to existing systems or for new applications where a floatwell system is economically viable.
  • The system requires minimal onsite maintenance with the ability to add additional monitoring instrumentation.
  • The system allows for integration with either cloud based or enterprise SCADA systems, using GSM, Radio Telemetry, Satellite,or cable.
  • All solutions are configurable according to individual requirements
  • Highly accurate and reliable results are guaranteed if installed in accordance with our instructions.


  • Dam reservoir water level monitoring
  • Catchment water level monitoring


  • SS enclosure
  • CR310 Data Logger
  • Sierra Wireless RV50 Modem
  • Hyquest Shaft Encoder and Float System

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