• A sensor is positioned deep into the ground to measure pore water pressure in the dam.
  • The data logger sends signal to the pressure plate which can detect the port water pressure.
  • The data logger records the neasured pore water pressure sensed by the vibrating wire piezometers (VWP)
  • The calibration factors are programmed into the data logger for each VWP.
  • The data is stored locally and can be view on the enclosure front door mounted display screen.
  • Data is acquired by the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System software application EM1000 via GSM or Radio Telemetry.


  • VWP can system include 1 or 2 multiplexers depending on the number of VWP’s and whether 2 wire or 4 wire.
  • One multiplexer caters for 16 VWPS including pressure and temperature monitoring (4 wires).
  • One multiplexer caters for 32 VWPS if only pressure and 2 wires.
  • System is designed for AC power.
  • Up to 22 VWPS’s (4 wires) or 44 VWPS (2 wires)
  • Up to 38 VWPS’s (4 wires) or 64 VWPS (2 wires) SPECIFICATIONS
  • Automatic VWP System complete with AM16/32 Multiplexer.
  • Data logger CR6 with program display.
  • IP66 Stainless Steel cabinet, side vents.
  • Security door switch.
  • AC supply with surge protection.
  • Drawings and manual included.
  • Includes GSM Telemetry or Radio Telemetry

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